Waskita Karya (Indonesia)

Country: Indonesia

Company: Waskita Karya

One team who loves to gank is Xavier, headed by team captain Xavier Aegon. Joined by Bumpy, Simbaaa, RACS, Meldi and substitute Nevermind, they dropped just a single game during the qualifiers.

And while they now slay together like a well-oiled slaying machine, it was pure luck that saw their team form in the first place.

“Xavier was formed about 10 months ago,” said Xavier Aegon. “[We] first gathered by accident at the office, we formed a team just to fill in our free time when we were on a break at work. Though we started by chance, we are committed to wanting to be pro-players in MLBB. During downtime in the office and on weekends we constantly take part in tournaments to hone our skills.”

Name IGN
Ricky Adi Asputera Xavier Aegon
Raditya Eka BUMPY
M Raka Dei Wicaksono RACS
Muhammad Aulia Ichsan Simbaaa
Muhammad Husni Hasibuan Meldi
Muhammad Ihsan Hazazi Nevermind.