Unstable Network


Campus: Singapore Institute of Management

The best team out of the qualifiers, Unstable Network, came together almost by accident.

“They were all in my friends-list beforehand, so it was easy for me to ask them to join my team,” explained Aaron “K U K U” Tan from USN. “At the time, however, I did not know that they were attending [the Singapore Institute of Management] until [Shane “Hao • WakaWaka”] Hao told me who to approach [from our school].”

This lead to USN adding William “a1a2” Heese, Eugene “ᴀcεσғsρα∂ε” NG and Enoch Cheong Xiang “Flawedshot” Rui to the team as they kicked off their campaign to win the Campus League.


Name IGN
Tan Jun Wei Aaron K U K U
Kaung Myat Chit Kuku Tan
William Heese a1a2
Shane Lee See Hao Hao • WakaWaka
Eugene Ng ᴀcεσғsρα∂ε
Enoch Cheong Xiang Rui Flawedshot