Team Teletubbies

Chareon Tut (Thailand)

Country: Thailand

Company: Chareon Tut

Team Teletubbies’ name might not inspire fear, but their skill at Dota 2 should. The team, made up of BloodBlue, Fade-St, Zoel, R10T5.Rᴵᴼᵀઽ and elfyz’, were dominant throughout the Qualifiers, only losing to a single team along the way. According to their team captain BloodBlue, that wasn’t how they thought things would go down.

“We found each other in company group chat,” said BloodBlue when describing how the team formed. Their company, Chareon Tut, is a manufacturer based out of Samut Prakan in Thailand. “It is almost unbelievable that we have reached the grand final.”

Name IGN
Phanu Suksamran elfyz’
Seitack Sriruang Fade-St
Piyawut Thongput R10T5.Rᴵᴼᵀઽ
Thanawin Faungfung BloodBlue
Chatchai Chaiwirutnukul Zoel