Team GTR

Tong Woh Enterprise (Malaysia)

Country: Malaysia

Company: Tong Woh Enterprises

Team GTR, who formed while representing beverage import/exporters Tong Woh Enterprises from Malaysia, made up of imbalinlin, CCnC, Son-goku, valaries and toushirou.

“The team name GTR stands for “GaTheRing”,” explained team captain imbalinlin. “We’re always gathering, every weekend, for basketball, badminton or Dota 2. So this tournament lit up our passion for Dota 2 again.”

GTR only dropped a single round throughout the qualifiers, and they head to the Finals the heavy favourites, securing more than a few maps in demoralising blow-outs.

Name IGN
Yap Chen Lin Imbalinlin
Chan Yue Onn toushirou
Chan Yue Hong PMA
Ong Shi Aun son go ku
Yap Yee Sheng ccnc