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Campus: Institute of Technical Education

For Serpentine, the path to becoming a team was a little more typical, as they just got together for the tournament and decided on a team name almost on a whim.

“Some of my teammates pitched weird names,” Glenn “XCP.” Hong of SPT. “So I figured I might as well put Serpentine. Otherwise, I wanted [to call us] Viper or Syngeneic.”

Those teammates suggesting weird names are Chai “ᴊᴜɴ♣” Munjun, Tan Boon “Spyman” Kiat, Brosnan “BAH-NANA” Yong and Zacharias “ᴺᵞˣeтʜᴇʀ” Fong — alongside XCP., of course.


Name IGN
Glenn Hong XCP.
Chai Munjun ᴊᴜɴ♣
Tan Boon Kiat Spyman
Brosnan Yong BAH-NANA
Zacharias Fong ᴺᵞˣeтʜᴇʀ