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Campus: Institute of Technical Education

Holy have been together for quite some time — which might explain the team synergy that got them to the finals.

Eugene “p⁄ιgεση•鳩” Yam and I were friends from secondary school, while Sheng Meng “レクイエム” Foo knew me from CCA, our boardgames club,” said Huang “❖FrostZK” Zhikang when asked how the team came together. Keith “gнοѕτ” was also a CCA member and friends with Sheng Meng, and finally, Marcus “dragonmasterultimate” is Eugene’s classmate.

“At first the team was me, Eugene, Sheng Meng and two other friends of ours. However they couldn’t make it, so Eugene introduced Marcus, and Sheng Meng introduced Keith. And we have known each other since.”


Name IGN
Huang Zhikang [hσlч]❖FrostZK
Foo Sheng Meng レクイエム
Eugene Yam p⁄ιgεση•鳩
Keith gнοѕτ
Marcus dragonmasterultimate