1. I can’t find the Registration link for my country.

Registration links are located at the Home Page. However, if the links don’t work, registration might not be open yet. Do subscribe to our Newsletter and stay tuned to our Social Media for the latest updates on registration.

2. When will Registration Open?

Registration dates are listed on the Registration Page. However, all Dates, Game Titles and Prize Pools are subject to changes.

3. What is the Prize Pool and what are the Tournament Dates?

As with the Registration Dates, all tournament information are listed in the Registration Page and are subject to changes.

4. Are you going to do a tournament for other games?

The game titles announced for Seasons 1 are subject to change. However, there is also a possibility of your favourite game showing up in Season 2 or at one of the Offline Events planned out for the year for you to participate in. As always, stay tuned to our social media and website for more information.

5. Can I join tournaments in more than one game? I have more questions regarding the tournaments.

Our Rules and Regulations can be found here. Feel free to contact us on Social Media if you require any clarification. Our staff will try their best to help you sort things out.

6. My campus name is not listed in the Registration Form. How do I register?

Unfortunately the Campus Championships are currently only open to Tertiary Institutions (Universities, Polytechnics and ITE). Do stay tuned to PVP Esports social media for updates in the future.

7. When do the Qualifiers for Polytechnics start?

Polytechnics are slated to play in the Open Qualifiers in 30 – 31 May 2020 (subject to change). Do take the time to start preparing for it.

8. Can I participate if I’m going to graduate soon?

Yes, as long as you are a student of the campus at the point of registration, you are allowed to play all the way through to the finals. Good luck and have fun!

9. What about Corporate Championship? If I leave the company, do I still get to play?

Unfortunately, you will have to be employed within the company during the entire duration of the tournament in order to qualify. You will have to find a substitute for your team or risk disqualification.

10. Is there an age restriction?

Yes, you have to be a minimum of 16 years old to enter.

11. Can any Company play in the Corporate Championship?

Yes. All companies are welcome to join, subject to background checks on the company’s validity.

12. Are there any Registration Fees?

Registration is absolutely FREE! So gather your friends and sign up!

13. I’ve received my enrollment letter but I don’t have my student card yet. Can I participate?

Yes! You can register by uploading your enrollment letter. Just make sure to blank out any IC numbers.