To support Singapore’s growing reputation for producing Esports talent, we launched our PVP Ambassadors programme with RZR Xian, Asterisk and Resurgence as pioneers to promote the local Esports scene and nurture the next generation of Esports athletes. Resurgence, Asterisk* and Xian have been working hard alongside us to nurture the growth of the esports scene thus far.

Resurgence is a premier esports organization with a training facility and office based in Singapore. They field over 45 pro players across 8 titles in PC and Mobile.
Xian is the EVO 2013 Street Fighter World Champion. He loves traveling and competing in tournaments all around the world.
Asterisk* is an all female gaming organisation founded in 2004 located in Singapore. They have 2 active competitive teams playing DOTA 2 and LoL.