“Because it’s fun” is too obvious an answer, though it’s an answer which none would disagree. Is it to simply get away from the humdrum of life? A brief distraction from reality into worlds of pixels and high scores.

We may explore made-up worlds to escape but along the way, we learn a little bit more about ourselves.

We embrace the struggle and when we fail, we pick ourselves back up and give it another go. This is true no matter who or how high up the level you are. We are together in this grind.

The games we play are more than mere amusement. It is a form of meditation. It is how we cross over from who we are to who we can be. We play to level-up in life; and we will never stop playing.


August 2020



The PVP Esports Community Championships 2020 is a multi-title tournament in Asia-Pacific launched by Singtel Group to level-up gaming communities across the Asia-Pacific region.

The Community Championships consist of the PVP Esports Corporate Championship and the PVP Esports Campus Championship and will span across two Seasons in 2020.

In Season 1, the Corporate Championship will feature Dota 2, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and PUBG Mobile. The Campus Championship will feature Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Teams will compete during local qualifiers in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines. Winning teams from each country will head towards Indonesia Games Championship 2020 in Season 1.

Two seasons of Community Championships will be run for a combined regional prize pool of over S$100,000 in cash and prizes – the largest prize pool globally for a community tournament.

December 2019



PVP Esports 2019 featured the Campus and Corporate Community Leagues. Tertiary students battled it out in Mobile Legends for a $20,000 prize pool, while some of the biggest companies across the region competed to claim the title of Champion for Mobile Legends and DOTA 2.

The PVP Campus League included a local Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament and was open to all tertiary students. Over 450 tertiary students from 91 teams battled to qualify via Campus Qualifiers and Open Qualifiers to reach a final 14.

After which, the teams participated in the Inter-Campus League at Funan Mall on 30 August – 1 September 2019, and we eventually found our three remaining teams: Serpentine (ITE), Holy (ITE), and Unstable Network (SIM). Unstable Network (SIM) became our first ever Campus League Champions after competing for a prize pool of over $10,000.

The PVP Regional Corporate League featured Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Dota 2. The Corporate League held Country Qualifiers and Open Qualifiers in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Australia.

A total of 15 teams qualified for the Regional Corporate League Qualifiers held on 5 – 6 October 2019. Competition was fierce and only two teams could remain in each game category. Eventually, Realpage Esports (PH) and Team Teletubbies (TH) won the Championship Cup at Singapore Comic Con for a prize pool of $5,000, and an additional $20,000 for charity.

October 2018



PVP Esports Championship is a multi-title league in Asia-Pacific launched by Singtel Group to grow and support gaming communities across the Asia-Pacific region. With a prize pool of $300,000, the inaugural PVP Esports Championship was held in Singapore from 5 – 7 October 2018.

Teams competed at local qualifiers in Australia, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. Winning teams from each country moved on to battle invited professional teams from North America, Europe and China at the PVP Esports Championship.

Team Secret and Alpha X were crowned the first ever champions of the PVP Esports Championship 2018.

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