Meet the Teams

The PVP Campus League includes a local Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament and was open to all tertiary students. Over 450 tertiary students from 91 teams battled to qualify via Campus Qualifiers and Open Qualifiers to reach a final 14. After which, the teams participated in the Inter-Campus League at Funan Mall on 30 Aug 19 – 1 Sep 19 and we eventually found our three remaining teams: Serpentine (ITE)Holy (ITE) and Unstable Network (SIM). These three teams will be facing off on 8 Dec 19, competing for a Prize Pool of over $10,000.

The PVP Regional Corporate League features Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Dota 2. Similar to 2018, the Corporate League held both Country Qualifiers and Open Qualifiers in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Australia. A total of 15 teams qualified for the Regional Corporate League Qualifiers held on 5 – 6 Oct 19. Competition was harsh and only two teams could remain in each game category. Realpage EsportsXavierTeam GTR and Team Teletubbies will be facing off on 7 Dec 19 at Singapore Comic Con for a Prize Pool of $5,000 and $20,000 for charity.