DeloitteOne is Number One again in Singapore’s Dota 2 PVP Esports Corporate Championships

Once again the PVP Esports Corporate Dota 2 Singapore Champions are DeloitteOne! They went undefeated against MeetYourMorgans1 and then NST before going 2-0 MeetYourMorgans1 once again in the Grand Finals last weekend.

DeloitteOne members:

  • Chun “Myth-“  Keat Ang
  • Hua “没有机会。” Xuan Koh
  • Daniel “sMexy” Wen Liang Chia
  • Jarod “elxr” Yi Xian Lee
  • Chien “ToxicPotato” Le
  • Nicholas “Dead inside” Kwok Wei Chen

DeloitteOne was crowned champion once again in the second season of the PVP Esports Corporate Championships. Beating all the teams that stood in their way, they emerged victorious 2-0 in a grueling battle with MeetYourMorgans1. We spoke to Chun “Myth-“ Keat Ang for his thoughts on being champions once again.

Our consistency in our performance comes from our commitment to the game, our diligence in our routine practices, being fun and stress-free during gameplay and, most importantly, the support from our colleagues at Deloitte, friends and family.

MYM1 has great drafts and teamwork; they understood the gameplay and the required items to maneuver throughout the game. Jokeface stood out in particular from MYM1 – he demonstrated great understanding of the timing of our team’s draft and he did a great job in disrupting our pace.

DeloitteOne are staying safe during Phase 2 of Singapore’s reopening and will celebrate their victory at home via discord.

We are cautious about the Covid-19 situation, so we are going to share a toast over discord calls and continue to play more DotA. It is important to continue to stay home and stay safe.

Last time around, Myth- mentioned that the MVP was ToxicPotato. This time around…

The MVP of the day would still be ToxicPotato. We loved his idea of position 1 Bristleback and even though the opponent had drafted counter to him, he still played outstandingly.

During game 2, DeloitteOne pulled out a unique Dagon build against MeetYourMorgans1 and we decided to pick their brains a little on my they did so.

We knew that we would have the advantage by going magical damage in game 2 and it synergies so well with Pugna. So we just had fun and went ahead with Dagon.

But it’s not all fun and games for DeloitteOne as they have a major obstacle waiting for them in September. They decided to shed some light on their preparations and training for their next phase of competition.

We started preparing for this competition last year, and after a year, our teamwork has improved greatly, and we will continue to tighten it. We will not underestimate the opponent and will continue to commit to understanding the changes in the game. Hopefully, this will allow us to put up a good fight in the regional.

We would like to say a big thank you to our colleagues at Deloitte, our family and our friends once again for all the support. You all have very understanding and we are glad that we did not let you down.

DeloitteOne will do battle against other regional champions in 5 Sep 2020 at the Indonesia Games Championships.

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