Pigeon and Friends (ITE) Steamroll the PVP Singapore Campus Championships

The PVP Esports Singapore Season 1 Campus Champions have been decided! Pigeon and Friends went undefeated and clinched the title of Champion even beating out last year’s Champions Unstable Network in the process.

Pigeon and Friends members:

  • Lim “Exooodusss” Chin Wei
  • Foo “レクイエム” Sheng Meng
  • Eugene “FRIED PIGEON” Yam
  • Peh “ʙʀᴇᴀᴅ” Cheng Sheng Jason
  • Chai “Jun” Mun Jun

Pigeon and Friends blazed through their ITE qualifiers and continued their momentum to go 2-0 in the finals against FC3 Chicken Rice over the weekend. We spoke to Lim “Exooodusss” Chin Wei for his thoughts on why they were so consistent.

It feels really good to come out on top at the very end, as it wasn’t an easy journey as we faced a lot of challenges throughout the entire journey. We felt that the competition this year was a lot stronger as Esports is slowly becoming more widely spread, amongst even schools, and we are just happy to be able to be the final representatives from the Singapore PVP campus league!

Everyone did their jobs extremely well in the team, but special mentions to Jun, for leading the team in the game, and drafts, as well as bread for his spectacular support outplays!

In fact, they praise Jun so much that he has his own nickname in the team.

We love Junranus, it’s strong overall as a fighter as it specializes in long fights, which defines alot of the side lane duels, and just so happens we got SG 1 Junranus on our team, so our opponents practically had only 1 ban the whole tournament!

With tongue-in-cheek, they mentioned their plans for celebrating their first Championship title.

We will be going to have FC3 Chicken Rice!.. just kidding, we will probably have a celebration for a meal when SG opens up for more than 5 man groups, as we wanna use a meal to thank those around us who supported, helped us along the way!

We also picked their brain for their opinion on the meta as well as the competitive tournament thus far.

Each team in the playoffs had their individual strengths and were strong in their own manner! I would say the strongest competition in the whole competition was FC3 chicken rice, and the grand finals might not be an accurate representation of how strong the team is, as they might be tired from playing so many matches, after dropping to lower bracket, so we had an advantage going into the finals. Words for FC chicken rice: “Good luck and we hope to face you guys next year in finals again ;)”

We personally adapt and learn the different metas as quickly as possible, so we were able to do it this time round as well. We feel that the teams in PVP this time round had a pretty good grasp on the meta as well, we just prepared and worked a lot harder, and in the right direction thanks to our coach

Pigeon and Friends also looked forward to watching the MLBB Fan Showmatch during the weekend!

We did look forward to the MLBB Fans showmatch! It’s really enjoyable to watch the players from all walks of life, including even influencers in SG like Dee Kosh, Professional players such as Sync, ly4, streamers such as purr, Skywee(we are huge fans of these personalities btw), facing off against familiar faces in our community! We hope to see more of these crossover opportunities as it just shows how inclusive our gaming community in SG can be!

Looking ahead, Pigeon and Friends will have a tough time ahead of them in the Indonesia Games Championships where they will face off in the Regional Campus Championships.

We will do our best to represent SG well at IGC! We are definitely nervous about the international competition, but we aren’t scared of it. We will do the necessary preparation to go into the competition confident!

We would also like to specially thank each member in the team, our coach, Quatervois, our friends, family and fans for cheering for us throughout this journey. We wouldn’t have came this far without all of your support, so thank you~

Pigeon and Friends will do battle against Regional foes starting 6 Sep 2020!

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