TurretHeist (DBS) grabs Singapore’s PVP Esports Corporate title once again!

After months of training competition across two weekends, the PVP Esports Singapore Season 1 Corporate (MLBB) Champions have been crowned. TurretHeist clinched the title of Champion once again in convincing fashion for PVP Esports’ sophomore season of the Corporate Championships.

TurreHeist members:

  • Sophia “Selfridgemiss” He
  • Thien “Han” Wen Han
  • Render “Nightmare” Cheong
  • Yeo “Pichu” Jian Min
  • Leon “Leon” Lee Ning Jie
  • Carin “Rin ft Yuuzu” Choo Peck Shien

TurretHeist didn’t really break much of a sweat in the qualifiers and continued their momentum to go 3-0 in the finals over the weekend. We spoke to Sophia “Selfridgemiss” He for her thoughts on why they were so consistent.

We are over delighted to be undefeated once again. Discipline, weekly trainings, constantly keeping up with the patch and watching how professional players played attributed to our consistency.

We have been playing almost alternate days together. Even if we are not playing together, we will share our ranked games experiences and view each other matches, hence we know each of our team mate’s strengths, weakness and hero pools. From this, we allocated the best position for each team member to play so that they can deliver the best performance.

And with that win, TurretHeist will be gathering in Phase 2 of Singapore’s re-opening to celebrate.

We will be meeting up for a meal to celebrate, and of course! Continue to play Mobile Legends after the meal!

We also decided to pick her brain on her thoughts on their opponents, Axomamma.

We can see that Axomama learnt from the previous losses against us at (the) qualifiers and tried to pick heroes that we used in the qualifiers like Valir, Khurfa.

Apart from the finals, TurretHeist were also excited to watch how the Campus Championships would play out.

We love watching the campus championships as it was really intense and competitive. We learnt a lot from campus championships as well! Looking forward to see Pigeon and Friends perform in regional platforms as it is going to be even more intense!

Speaking of regional platforms, TurretHeist would also have to face their own regional rivals later in September. What were their thoughts on taking the challenge?

I spoke about this with my team, and we are all aligned and mentally prepared to give our best shot and do all it takes to be the regional champions, bringing the title home to Singapore.

Shout out to DBS for being so supportive of the esports scene and sponsoring our team jackets. And of course, to our family for accommodating our training timings and friends who have supported us throughout. It really meant a lot to us!

TurretHeist will be competing at IGC on 5 Sep 2020

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