Team MASARAP fights through Wildcard to claim a Campus Qualifier Spot

After dropping out late in the Campus Open Qualifier last week, MASARAP from Republic Polytechnic went back to the drawing board and prepared once more for the Campus Wild Card Qualifiers.

This time they managed to 2-0 all who stood in their way to claim their rightful spot in the Singapore PVP Campus Championship Finals. We spoke to their team captain Danial “Lynx.” Hakim for his thoughts on their performance during the tournament.

Won’t settle for anything less than a podium finish

To us, we will only celebrate when we achieve a podium finish at the playoffs. The qualifiers weren’t a big win for us as most of the strong teams have already qualified. 

MASARAP practiced 5-6 hours a day despite having several roster swaps in order to ensure victory. Thus, when we asked them to pinpoint an MVP, Lynx had this to say.

As it is a team game, I feel like there is no MVP for the wildcard qualifier. Each of us had a role to play in the team. We cannot judge based on statistics alone. All of us played our roles well that day.

Intention to practice even more

Our training plans should be 8 hours of practice a day along with strategic talks. We do not see any teams as a threat, more of equals. Every team is strong in their own way and we will do our best to win them.

When asked about their greatest foes, MASARAP pointed towards QD Primary School from Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

We struggled against them in the mid to late rounds although we were leading in the early game twice but that was with a different roster. We are more prepared now with our new roster.

Words of Gratitude

Lynx.: I would like to thank everyone for supporting us especially my friends back at home who are watching the streams. Special mention to my favourite girl, Rennie who has been watching my games since the first Polytechnic qualifier. She has been supporting me and my team throughout both the qualifiers. She was the one who kept giving me motivational talks after a loss which made me more resilient into winning the Wildcard qualifier.

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