5 Teams advance in the PUBG Mobile PVP Corporate Championships

On 16 May 2020, we launched our first ever PUBG Mobile qualifier and it was a blast. With shots fired, grenades thrown and chicken dinners eaten, only 5 teams managed to reach the top.

These are the 5 teams that advanced to the Regional Finals in September 2020:

  • Suicide Squad
  • Aetos Mobile Division
  • Gasak Esports
  • Devilish Gaming
  • PTW

We spoke to one of the winners, Gasak Esports for their thoughts on their win. Apparently they were caught by surprise on their win.

We didn’t expect to win but just have some fun. For my Corporate team, we haven’t been playing for quite some time together but we did player together last time so the chemistry still there.

And they credited their victory to an MVP as well.

Curry (is the MVP). He haven’t played PUBG M for so long but he did quite well with covering fire.

Gasak are preparing earnestly for the Regional Qualifiers and have this to say for those who have supported them thus far

Thanks to our team and family members that give us some time to pursue our passion. We will have fun!

The next stage of the PUBG Mobile PVP Corporate Championships will continue in September 2020.

*Divinity Equinox was disqualified earlier for violating rules and regulations.

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