DeloitteOne and MeetYourMorgans 1 advance to the PVP Corporate Championship Dota 2 Finals

On 10th May 2020, 14 corporate teams gathered to face off against one another in the first season of 2020’s PVP Esports Corporate Championships (Dota 2). After a gruelling day of Dota 2 battle, 2 teams advanced to the grand finals that will be held later in June. We spoke to finalists DeloitteOne as well as MeetYourMorgans 1 for their thoughts on their win.

DeloitteOne, last year’s Singapore champions made short work of MeetYourMorgans 1 and then NST to secure their finalist slot. However, since MeetYourMorgans 1 dropped to the Loser Brackets, they had to fight a long way until 8pm to earn their right to face DeloitteOne.

Apparently, even though MeetYourMorgans 1 had a long day of Dota 2, they weren’t fazed at all.

MYM1: We all enjoy the game really much so not really an issue. (We) just take breaks in between matches.

I think we were all eager to play more despite losing to the defending champions and dropping to the losers bracket. It actually helped us to learn from our mistakes, find our optimal playstyle, improve our communication/drafting and hence I felt we played much better in our loser bracket run to the finals.

As for Deloitte, they were extremely humble even though they managed to clinch that top spot once again.

Deloitte: We were lucky. The other competitors have put up amazing games today and we were really impressed with the teamwork demonstrated by MeetYourMorgans 1 and NST. There were several critical team fights, and we are glad that it all turned out according to plan.

(Looking forward,) the regional competitors are really strong, (so) we will continue to work hard to do our best in the Regionals.

When asked how the Circuit Breaker affected their performances and training, the teams had this to say.

Deloitte: The Circuit Breaker provided more flexibility of time. As the team didn’t need to commute for work, we could put the extra hours into discussing strategies and understanding the game.

The team has been playing together for slightly more than a year. Due to work commitment, we are unable to play daily but individually the each of us would exercise discipline to practice several hours a week to keep up with the game.

MYM1: (The Circuit Breaker is) not much because usually Dota is played online anyway. Unless it is a LAN tournament then it’ll probably be different where we will try to gather at the same place to play together.

We will just perform our best, DeloitteOne is definitely very strong as the defending champions and it we manage to go to the Regionals, we will be expecting a lot of strong teams too.

Both DeloitteOne and MeetYourMorgans 1 were extremely grateful for the support they were given and promised good performances moving forward.

Deloitte: The support from our friends and family have been really great. These training takes our personal time off which could be spent with them, but they have been really supportive and would work around our available time. Big thank you to all of you.

MYM1: Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us so far! Please stay safe during this COVID-19 situation and take care!

The Grand Finals will take place 27 – 28 June 2020.

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