Turretheist and Axomamma advance to the PVP Corporate Championship MLBB Finals

On 9th May 2020, 32 corporate teams gathered to face off against one another in the first season of 2020’s PVP Esports Corporate Championships (Mobile Legends). Through it all, only 2 teams advanced to the grand finals that will be held later in June. We spoke to finalists TurretHeist as well as Axomamma for their thoughts on their win.

For TurretHeist, it was not much of a long day as they sat seeded in the upper brackets as the reigning champions, easily beating out Qifei and Axomamma to clinch their rightful spot at the upper bracket finals. However, Axomamma had to fight from 11am all the way till 11pm to advance.

When asked for their thoughts of braving through the long day of games, Axomamma had this to say.

Axomamma: The potatoes have run out of starch. We were unprepared for the long day worth of matches.

We were also curious as to how the winning teams would celebrate their win.

TurretHeist: We enjoyed playing with each team and are happy our hard work paid off. We will continue to train for the upcoming finals.

Axomamma: We are gonna buy one whole sack of potatoes and celebrate in our office.

Naturally, we know that TurretHeist have been playing together for a while, but what about Axomamma?

Axomamma: We have been playing together since the start of the year, around 4-5months. Usually about 2-3 games a day.

When asked for an MVP, TurretHeist had this to say.

TurretHeist: You know what, it is too hard to pinpoint one person. Every single person in the team contributed to the success and this is a 5-man game. I always tell my team, we are stronger 5-men together. The whole team is the MVP

Meanwhile Axomamma set their sights on a peculiar potato when talking about a key player.

Axomamma: Our MVP is definitely Mahō Potato, being the most talented individual that started playing mlbb for 4 months but able to achieve astounding results. With a limited hero pool, she was still able to bring aggression for the team and without a doubt was one of our most valuable players.

We never expected ourselves to make it this far into the competition due to the fact that some of the potatoes in the team are rather new to the game. Our main objective never changed: “to enjoy the game and experience MLBB in a rather different environment.”

While Axomamma never expected themselves to be at the finals, TurretHeist have already been looking forward to the upcoming regionals.

TurretHeist: We will try our best to bring the regional champion title back home to Singapore. It is not going to be easy as all teams are extremely good, but we will enjoy the game and do our best.

That said, TurretHeist did drop a game to Qifei in their first match of the day. We were wondering what was going on there in Game 1.

TurretHeist: It was our first match and we were trying to test out our line-ups and hero rotations. After losing the game, we adjusted accordingly to the opponent’s hero pool, strengths and weaknesses and adjusted our draft and strategy.

Looks like TurretHeist is highly adaptable, so Axomamma had better be on their guard when they face then once again in the finals.

Both TurretHeist and Axomamma expressed their utmost gratitude to those who have supported them.

Axomamma: Thank you for supporting us!! All your trust and encouragement have given us tremendous strength to persevere on.

TurretHeist: We hope we do you proud and we will bring the championship home again.

Axomamma and TurretHeist face off once again on 27 – 28 June 2020 in the Grand Finals.

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