The JPG Crew Jio You To Test Your PUBG Mobile And DOTA 2 Skills Against Us!

By Jio Play Game

We reported in earlier that PVP Esports had opened registrations for the Singapore qualifier for the new season of their PVP Esports Community Championships, which is their amateur esports league specifically for tertiary students (Campus Championships) and working adults (Corporate Championships). 

We thought this was pretty cool cos it gives normal dudes like us the chance to compete in a game we enjoy and stand to win a decent chunk of money, especially if you are damn zai and make it as the champion of Singapore. Then, you’ll get to pit your skills against the champions of Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia (Campus only) in the regional finals!

This season’s Campus Championships will be run for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), while Corporate Championships get three games, MLBB, PUBG Mobile and DOTA 2, all the games we suck at. Heh. 

Anyway, thanks to the new Circuit Breaker measures, all of us have been nua-ing indoors, and Sanjay the new hire spends half his time catching mosquitoes.

So when the folks at PVP Esports announced that they’ve extended registrations to 4 May, and that all their qualifiers are now online, WE SIGNED UP TO PLAY. Actually, Justin made us sign up but same same lah. 

Anyway, if you also wanna join, you can sign up FOR FREE on the official PVP Esports website.

We will be documenting our epic progress here in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

Let the games begin!

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