PVP Esports Season 1 Tournament Dates

Good day to you, fellow PVPers.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, we have decided to change some of our initially announced dates for our PVP Esports Season 1 Championships. Depending on the COVID-19 situation, the dates might change again. We seek your understanding on the matter as your health is our primary concern.

Here is the full breakdown of the Tournament Dates for PVP 2020, Community Championships Season 1.

Online Tournaments
30 Mar – 7 Jun 2020 15 May – 4 Jun 2020

SIT Qualifiers16 – 17 May
ITE Qualifiers15 – 16 May
NTU Qualifiers23 – 24 May
SMU Qualifiers29 – 30 May
Open Qualifiers (Incl. Polytechnics)30 – 31 May
Wild Card Qualifiers6 Jun
NUS Qualifiers*May
SIM Qualifiers4 Jun

* Campuses will be in contact with you for your respective tournament dates.

Online Finals
2021 Jun 2020 13 – 14 Jun 2020

Online Tournaments
4 Apr – 19 Apr 2020 9 May – 16 May 2020

Game TitleDates
PUBG Mobile16 May
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang9 May
Dota 210 May

Online Finals
2526 Apr 2020 13 – 14 Jun 2020

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