Here’s What Went Down at PVP @ Singapore Comic Con Last Weekend!

PVP Esports @ Singapore Comic Con was last weekend, and what a weekend it was!

By GameSpot – Tens of thousands of fans flocked to the show to take part in the games and esports-related fun — a brilliant celebration of video games right in the heart of Singapore.

Alodia was the highlight of the show for many. When she wasn’t playing games or meeting fans, the world-famous cosplayer busted out a stunning rendition of Lunox from Mobile Legends, bringing the mysterious maiden to life for a massive crowd.

The other headliner was Topson, the two-time Dota 2 The International champion who made his first visit to Singapore for the show. As we found out beforehand, he was excited to play with SEA Dota fans — but the SEA region wasn’t playing around. Two players actually managed to take him down in a 1v1, Low Jin Kai and Joshua “fiefyefofum” Soh.

“It was a pretty surreal experience to go against someone who has constantly been playing the middle lane at the highest level,” explained fiefyefofum when we asked what playing against Topson was like. “And I wasn’t expecting the victory considering how hard I was getting pressured in-lane. At best I was hoping to last at least 5 minutes against him or just to put up a good fight, but somehow the stars aligned and I managed to get him to dive hard enough for my Ult to come online at the right time to seize the victory.”

GG, SEA Dota, GG! Topson didn’t do much better when he played some Just Dance with the eGG Network team.

Speaking of South-East Asian Dota, the PVP Regional Corporate League Dota 2 Finals were on at the event as well. And in a stunning upset, Team Teletubbies managed to defeat Team GTR. GTR was the heavy-duty favourites, but Team Teletubbies proved too strong on the weekend, winning two games to zero in the best of three finals. The first game wrapped up inside of 50 minutes as the Teletubbies secured an early lead but struggled to finish their opponents. The second game was a lot closer in terms of gold and kills, but an uncontested Roshan at the 47-minute mark allowed the Teletubbies to complete the sweep and become the PVP Regional Corporate League Dota 2 Champions!

The other PVP Regional Corporate League Finals took place in Mobile Legends Bang Bang, the mobile phone MOBA taking the region by storm. The upset wasn’t on the cards in these finals, as strong favourites RealPage Esports tore apart Xavier. While RPE made short work of Xavier in game one, putting together a convincing win, it was anything but a sure thing in game two. Xavier secured First Blood and a cheeky second kill besides, putting them firmly in control.

RPE’s superior teamplay saw them transition from team fighting into a map-control-focused style of play that Xavier couldn’t counter. Xavier maintained an advantage in XP and kills, but RPE stayed close behind and when the 11th minute rolled around their late-game heroes started to come online, allowing them to obliterate any hopes Xavier had of staying in the running. RealPage Esports was crowned the PVP Regional Corporate League Mobile Legends Bang Bang Champions!

The other huge esports competition at the show was the PVP Campus League Finals, where three of the best Mobile Legends Bang Bang teams squared off to find our ultimate collegiate champion. The lower bracket face-off saw Serpentine against fellow Institute of Technical Education team Holy. A hard-fought battle that wasn’t reflected in the end scoreline, Serpentine eventually emerged the victors 2-0 and booked themselves a face-off against the undefeated Unstable Network from the Singapore Institute of Management.

What followed was a bitterly close best of 5 as both teams left it all out on the pitch. Game 1 went to USN in a dominant display, but SPT hit back in game 2. Game 3 could have gone either way, but around the 10-minute mark Unstable Network broke out ahead and never looked back. It seemed like the game 3 loss took the wind out of SPT because USN had no problems finishing them off in game 4.

And with that, Unstable Network was crowned the champions of the PVP Campus League!

And so ended an absolutely epic weekend of games and esports courtesy of PVP Esports! Games were played, battles fought, and gaming culture was celebrated on a massive scale. An unqualified success, here’s hoping they do it all again next year!

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