We Spoke to the PVP Esports Ambassadors Heading to Singapore Comic Con!

PVP Esports @ Singapore Comic Con is bringing gaming and esports to pop culture fans heading to the convention.

By GameSpot(Produced in partnership with ReedPOP) Some high profile stars are heading to the event, like cosplay superstar Alodia, who we spoke to last week!

PVP Esports is also sending its ambassador teams along — Resurgence and Asterisk*, two of Singapore’s biggest esports organisations — giving fans the opportunity to meet some of the players and streamers they love, while also letting the teams participate at the show.

Resurgence is one of Singapore’s most storied esports organisations, with players across a wide array of titles. The Hearthstone Battlegrounds Showcase will see three of their players participating, which means you’ll get the chance to take them down — if you’re capable.

“Hearthstone has always been a focus for Resurgence,” said Jayf Soh, Resurgence CEO and Founder. “Having consistently represented Southeast Asia over the last 2 years, we’re glad to be championing the new game mode made by Blizzard and we think the community will enjoy our players’ interactions during the event.”

Asterisk* is an all-female esports organisation with teams in both Dota and League of Legends, so you know they’re going to want to check out the Dota 2 Corporate League Finals.

“Asterisk* started from being an all-female Defence of the Ancients (Dota) team to an organization now which manages multiple all-female teams in various games and several talents,” said Kimberlyn “kimchi*” See, from Asterisk*’s Dota 2 team. “We believe that female gamers have the potential to be good enough to play in top tier tournaments and hope to be a positive influence on like-minded female gamers who have considered and thought about trying competitive but never taken the next step.”

They clearly take their role as role models seriously. Being an ambassador for PVP Esports has to feel good when they’re constantly kicking goals, like with PVP @ Singapore Comic Con. Both teams gave us a little more insight into what their role as ambassador entailed.

“As a professional esports organization, we champion causes for PVP Esports and promote the events and activities that are available to the community regionally,” explained Jayf Soh. “Through our involvement, we hope to generate greater awareness about competitive video gaming and share our experience with the community, through the infrastructure that PVP Esports provides.”

“We are one of the 3 ambassadors for PVP Esports and we receive support in various ways to grow our organization,” said Kimchi* about Asterisk*’s place in the program. “Our players and talent are given the opportunities to appear and be invited to PVP events – which helps in growing our fan base and putting the players in the public eye.”

By embedding esports into Singapore Comic Con, PVP Esports is raising the profile of competitive gaming and bringing it to the masses.

“We are extremely grateful to Singtel and PVP Esports for hosting their regional finale in Singapore,” said Jayf Soh. “Through their efforts, the local community has enjoyed greater access to the offline esports experience, which is an integral factor for industry growth locally. Because we are strategically headquartered in Singapore, this also means greater synergy and opportunity for the market that Resurgence cares deeply about.”

“We think that gaming and esports has been gaining more attention from the media and public this year and that [PVP @ Singapore Comic Con] is a great opportunity for gamers to celebrate esports and gaming and for the public to be introduced to our community,” said Kimchi*. “It’s exciting that PVP is bringing in popular and successful personalities and professional players from other regions – giving local gamers and fans a chance to meet them and be inspired by their success.”

She’s 100% correct, with gaming celebrities from around the world heading to the show. With PVP @ Singapore Comic Con this coming weekend, anticipation is building. There is so much to see and do, and we asked both orgs what they were looking forward to.

“We are pretty excited about being able to be a part of a gaming stream with Alodia,” said Kimchi*. Alodia is doing a meet’n’greet from the show floor, and she’s also taking over the PVP Esports Instagram on Saturday. “She’s very popular and a respected cosplayer and has her own talent/gaming company called TierOne in the Philippines. And also to meet Topson in person!”

“Definitely interaction with the community,” said Jayf Soh. “We are looking forward to sharing our experience and guiding aspirants within Singapore on top of enjoying the games being played.”

You’ll be able to catch Asterisk* and Resurgence at PVP @ Singapore Comic Con this coming weekend — alongside all the other amazing things going down, of course. Tickets can be acquired from www.singaporecomiccon.com/, and you can get all the details you need about PVP from www.pvpesports.gg.

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