eGG Network tells us more about what they’re doing at PVP @ SGCC

With a wide array of programming — everything from esports competitions to competitive-gaming-focused lifestyle shows — the eGG Network has been pioneering broadcast level esports coverage since it launched in 2016. And this weekend they’re bringing their unique brand of entertainment to PVP @ Singapore Comic Con.

By GameSpot (Produced in partnership with ReedPOP) “Our hosts Faraz and ShuFaye will be hanging out and chilling with fans at the event,” said a spokesperson for eGG Network. “Anyone is free to drop by the eGG Network chill zone to play video games and stand a chance to win cool eGG Network merchandise!”

While it’s definitely going to be a busy weekend, eGG Network’s chill zone will be an excellent place to slow things down and take a breather. It’s a philosophy that permeates one of their most popular programmes, ‘Chilling with eGG Network’.

“‘Chilling with eGG Network’ is a show where we invite guests and personalities to literally chill, have fun and play games,” explained the spokesperson for eGG Network. “Often, people tend to get a little too serious while playing games and that takes away the fun of it. So, what’s a better way to have fun when playing games? Remember when we were kids and our parents would allow us to have one ‘break’ day in a week. We would invite our friends over for food and play some games during that time. For us, ‘Chilling with eGG Network’ is about recreating that moment of joy when playing games and hanging out with friends.”

Thanks to PVP Esports @ Singapore Comic Con’s keen focus on games, you’ll be able to play Hearthstone Battlegrounds at Blizzard’s Showcase, and Dota Underlords at the Free Play area. So it’s fantastic that eGG Network is giving attendees more opportunities to play!

The other primary focus for PVP Esports @ Singapore Comic Con is esports — something eGG Network dedicates a lot of coverage to.

“It’s exciting to see esports initiatives like [PVP @ SGCC] involving the grassroots level,” said eGG Network’s spokesperson “They give amateurs an opportunity to experience a taste of competitive gaming. Hopefully we get to see new talent emerge from this. Fans also get a chance to meet their favourite Dota 2 and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang professional players. It’s a great way to bring the esports and gaming community together.”

Among those Dota 2 pros is Topson, from TI Champion team OG, who is doing a meet’n’greet with fans — and who we spoke to earlier this week. But he’s by far not the only gaming star heading along.

“Firstly, we’d like to meet our fans and share their passion for gaming and esports,” said eGG Network’s spokesperson when we asked what they were most excited about at the event. “There are also fun activities and rare exhibitions at the event, like meeting Alodia, Biancake and SherlinTsu (Baby Shark). We are really thankful and excited to be meeting everyone again at PVP Esports @ Singapore Comic Con, but we are definitely looking forward to meeting all of the eGG fam there! “

And if you are interested in heading along and meeting the crew, they had some advice on how.

“Drop by our booth, say hi, take pictures with Faraz and ShuFaye and tell us your favourite esports or gaming stories,” said the spokesperson. “We love to hear your adventures slaying monsters in dungeons or shooting down enemies on an island. Also, stay tuned for more amazing content coming your way next year! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Definitely something worth checking out — alongside the cavalcade of other worthwhile events taking place over the weekend, which we’ve detailed for you already. For more information, head to, and if you want to attend, tickets are available at!

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